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Black Beach – ZotheJerk & Frost Gamble


LABEL – 22 Entertainment
RELEASE DATE – 26th May 2017

Straight from the heart and soul of Detroit, award winning rapper ZotheJerk teams up with producer Frost Gamble to deliver a verbal tirade of social commentary on today’s America in the new album “Black Beach”.

The themes of the album mirror the man and his life, passionate in addressing the issues which represent the current experience for “Black America”. In “America Made Me”, “Blaxploitation” and “Loyal Victims”, he places the subjects of oppression, injustices and police brutality front and centre while by the same measure emphasizing the importance of positive parental role models in “Keep Me Safe”.

Slick production and additional features by KXNG Crooked (aka Crooked I), Boldy James and Young Bleed make this an intelligent and entertaining take on a fractious world, balancing anger and despair with a sense of hope and responsibility.

As Zo himself delineates: “It’s the voice of a people who are tired and demand more, who ask what’s next, it’s the music of the current era……welcome to Black Beach”

(All tracks produced by Frost Gamble. “Keep Me Safe” co-produced by S.One)
1 – Welcome To Black Beach
2 – America Made Me
3 – My Negus ft Guilty Simpson
4 – If ft Boldy James
5 – Drunk Roses ft Coko Buttaflie
6 – Blaxploitation ft Eveready & Young Bleed
7 – Loyal Victims ft Dustin Davie & Eveready
8 – Risk vs Reward ft Sadat-X
9 – Kill Everything Moving ft Tone Chop
10 – Mother Of My Child ft Dustin Davie
11 – Whispers In The Wind ft KXNG Crooked
12 – Etch A Sketch
13 – Keep Me Safe
(Further special bonus tracks available on release)


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Veteran EP – Tone Chop & Frost Gamble

Released November 18, 2016

Blues & Soul Magazine wrote:

“The themes are reflective and progressive. Personally biographical, Chop narrates his own life story while depicting the grind as an independent artist, yet remains optimistic for the future due to his relentless perseverance. The EP also serves as a commentary on hip hop from a previous age, by those who actually witnessed it, while acknowledging the genre’s own progression in line with their own… Bring on the album.”

(All tracks produced by Frost Gamble)

1 – Dedication
2 – Back in the Days
3 – Other Shit ft Awful P
4 – Better with Time ft DJ Waxamillion & S.One
5 – One Two
6 – Leave it Alone ft Ruste Juxx & Nobi
7 – Step Up

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ZotheJerk & Frost Gamble “Keep Me Safe”