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Respect Is Earned Not Given – Tone Chop & Frost Gamble


ARTIST Tone Chop & Frost Gamble
ALBUM Respect Is Earned Not Given
RELEASE DATE 29th September 2017
LABEL 22 Entertainment

New York State sparring partners Tone Chop and Frost Gamble follow last year’s critically acclaimed “Veteran” EP with the release of their new album “Respect is Earned Not Given” on September 29th 2017.

Binghamton rapper Chop cut his teeth in the local rap battle scene during the late 90’s, sharpening his skills for over a decade as part of the group Binghamton’s Most Wanted and through a succession of mixtapes. Armed with a sharp wit, punchline bars and incisive metaphors, his notoriety as a lyrical marksman has been long established.

Last year’s release broke new ground with a wider audience, his rhymes skillfully crafting a historical document of hip hop’s culture appealling to generations young and old. Laying down an early marker, the EP was a statement of intent from the seasoned campaigner. Paying his dues to past masters in tracks “Dedication” and the tribute to the late Sean P “Leave It Alone” featuring Ruste Juxx, the ex graffiti artist swapped paint for the pen delivering verbal vignettes in “Back in the Days” and “Better with Time”.

Where “Veteran” was a perspective on the genre, the new album provides a broader narrative, biographical and personalised through the art of storytelling. Witness the compelling tale related in “Bing Stories”, the social commentary of “World Struggle”, the reflection of loss in “See You Again” and the aspirational “Passion”.

The world’s most viewed rap battler DNA joins Chop on “In The Streets”, the two comparing notes on how the discipline has changed over the years, while commitment to the cause is reinforced in “It’s Hip Hop”.

Chop returns to his trademark demolition mode on “Get Beat Down” and “Slow Flow Remarkable” and sharpens verbal swords with the legendary Kool G Rap on “Walk the Walk”. In a similar vein, Planet Asia and Canadian upcomer White Rhino get involved on the menacing and atmospheric “Guillotine Chop”.

Providing the musical backdrop is Chop’s ex rap battle rival turned producer Frost Gamble, now relocated from NY State to Winnipeg, Canada.

With credits on Fresh IE’s award winning “Red Letterz 13”, the crate digging beatmaker has seen his star rise in the past year for the quality and consistency of his productions. Initially through the “Veteran” EP then more recently with Detroit rapper ZotheJerk on the album “Black Beach”, his approach to adapt and write for each artist’s style remains constant.

The combinations of sampling and original recording techniques produce fresh contemporary soundscapes infused with soul, r&b, funk, dub and electronica. The dynamics of “Respect Is Earned Not Given” are highly impressive reflecting the mood swings perfectly. Sparse piano accompanies “Bing Stories”, uplifiting grooves underpin “Passion” and bass heavy electronica booms beneath “Slow Flow Remarkable”. Hip hop standards “Walk the Walk”, “Guillotine Chop”, and “Here I Go” adds to the overall mix on a release which explores different paths yet retains its integrity as a cohesive blend.

The album not only reflects an old friendship, but a true collaboration between rapper and producer of near symbiotic proportions. Rhymes, beats, emotions, life stories and throwdowns, this is hip hop born of a previous era with a contemporary soul and a bright future…..”now play it at high volume”….

TRACKLIST (All tracks produced by Frost Gamble)
1 – The Return Intro
2 – Walk the Walk ft Kool G Rap
3 – Bing Stories
4 – Passion
5 – In The Streets ft DNA
6 – Get Beat Down
7 – It’s Hip Hop
8 – Guillotine Chop ft White Rhino & Planet Asia
9 – Slow Flow Remarkable ft DJ Waxamillion
10 – World Struggle ft Bigga Haitian
11 – Inspiration
12 – Beat Knocking
13 – Here I Go ft Tragedy Khadafi
14 – See You Again


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Black Beach – ZotheJerk & Frost Gamble

Released May 26, 2017

Pop Break Magazine wrote:

“The chemistry between Frost’s soulful yet hard beats perfectly match Zo’s aggressive yet intelligent lyrics as the Producer and MC seem fully on the same page for the duration of the project. Black Beach is one of the best examples of “Grown Man Rap” we’ve heard in a while…”

(All tracks produced by Frost Gamble. “Keep Me Safe” co-produced by S.One)
1 – Welcome To Black Beach
2 – America Made Me
3 – My Negus ft Guilty Simpson
4 – If ft Boldy James
5 – Drunk Roses ft Coko Buttaflie
6 – Blaxploitation ft Eveready & Young Bleed
7 – Loyal Victims ft Dustin Davie & Eveready
8 – Risk vs Reward ft Sadat-X
9 – Kill Everything Moving ft Tone Chop
10 – Mother Of My Child ft Dustin Davie
11 – Whispers In The Wind ft KXNG Crooked
12 – Etch A Sketch
13 – Keep Me Safe

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Tone Chop & Frost Gamble – “Bing Stories”