Author: frostgamble

New Old Stock – Instrumentals

I’ve been thinking for a while about dropping a non-exclusive instrumental project – finally, here it is! 12 tracks, all top shelf material. Most of these tracks were either ideas that I tried to pitch to major artists or tracks I had planned for Handpicked that couldn’t be completed. Soul samples, hard drums, east coast […]

Handpicked – 1 Year Later

It’s been almost a year now since I released Handpicked. Since then, I dropped a remix album for Fresh I.E., linked up with ZotheJerk and appeared at the A3C festival. Did some radio interviews, launched a new website and worked with several new clients. And I managed to complete my first year of graduate school […]

Mr. Dynamite – The Rise of James Brown

This is a ‘must-watch’ for Hip Hop heads, especially producers – James Brown’s impact on the shaping the sound of Hip Hop can’t be overstated. Even aside from the samples (and there are countless amazing examples) he taught us all the groove – any form of loop based music owes this man respect. In the […]

Hip Hop = Conservative?

  In my day job I’m a Business Analyst, I rely on data to feed decisions.  Today, I read a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (via Nate Silver’s Five Thirty Eight blog) that was a little shocking.  This study, which used a person’s Facebook ‘likes’ to predict that individual’s’s […]

Strange Fruit, Indeed

Recently, a client/collaborator asked me to sample “Strange Fruit” by Nina Simone. Based on a poem written in the late 1930s, Strange Fruit is an incredibly powerful protest song that captures the savagery of lynchings that were carried out across the south. Originally recorded by Billie Holliday, Time Magazine named it the “song of the century” nearly 60 […]

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death (Video)

If you’ve been following my recent posts on social media, you know I’m deeply concerned about the tragedy in Ferguson, police violence, and the issue of social justice as it relates to race, class and income. The lack of an indictment in Ferguson was heartbreaking, but far from unexpected. My lyrical partner ZotheJerk has just […]