Back from Detroit!

If you follow me on social media, you’ll probably know I just got back from Detroit after working with my twin ZotheJerk.

Of course, soon after we touched down we headed straight to the east side for studio time – Denaun Porter’s old spot in fact, where Eminem recorded Infinite – and started working on new material. TriceaMillion laid down some funky horns over my tracks while Zo, his longtime collaborator Hash, and his nephew Zach all started writing out ideas and bars. Things started coming together pretty quickly, and after a couple of nights we had two songs nearly completed.


We also shot a lot of video footage while we were there – including a video for our soon-to-be-released track ‘My Detroit Players’. We hit up the legendary Hip Hop Shop for an open mic, visited up and down 8Mile and 7Mile roads, went downtown, met up with other rap crews (peace to the Almighty Dreadnaughtz) and hit up a bunch of great food spots. And we even found time to hit the Frankie Beverly & Maze concert – dude is 69 years old and still killing it!


But my personal highlight was being on the block in Zo’s old neighborhood, meeting people and learning firsthand what life is like in the D. People may see Detroit as a rough, economically challenged city (and it is that, no doubt), but I also saw so much beauty there – from neighbors mowing the lawns on abandoned homes to the love I got from Zo’s friends, just off the strength of his relationships.


Personally, this trip was exactly what I needed and right on time. Grinding away at music can really wear you down, for 99% of us it’s a labor of love with limited rewards. But to be in Detroit, and to meet people who knew and loved my beats before I even got there was amazing. It also reminded me of the many blessings I have in my life, and just how much I have to be thankful for. Can’t wait to go back!